Conventional Detector Bases.

Product Overview

The AS2050 & AS2051 Series is designed specifically for use with Avenger Systems Conventional Models AS2032 Photoelectric Smoke Detector, AS2041 Photoelectric with Heat Smoke Detector, AS2030 Photoelectric Smoke Detector, AS2040 Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/heat, or AS2020 & AS2021 Fixed Temperature/Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector. The Base is an electronics free 6″ base featuring a plastic tamper-lock lug. Each base is equipped with a resistor. Refer to the chart (below) for additional specifications. The AS2050 base is a 4″version of the AS2051 6″ base.

Standard Features

Designed for use with all Avenger Systems analog sensors
Available in 4 and 6 inch models
Contains a security locking tab for tamper protection