Supervised Output Modules.
Dual Input Monitor Module.

Product Overview

The Class A Supervised Output Modules (DCP-SOM-A & SOM-Al) have been designed to provide application flexibility and quick response to emergency conditions. Flexibility is provided by a wide range of operating modes, including supporting multizone operations, and/ or functions, up to 16 different modulation patterns and multi-state programming. The operating parameters for the DCP-SOM-A & -Al are maintained by the module and do not require individual communication with the control system during emergency conditions to operate.

Standard Features

Built-in SCI circuitry (AS6041-00 only)
Flexible application
Quick response to emergency conditions
Contacts are rated 2.0 Amps@ 24VDC
Programming is highly flexible providing 16 priority states plus zoning capability
Programmed device output is turned off, silenced, or programmed to output the selected pattern