Dual Relay Modules.
Dual Input Monitor Module.

Product Overview

The Avenger systems AS6007 provides installing dealers an economical approach to monitor devices in the same proximity, such as water flow and valve supervision on the same interface device. This capability when coupled with Avenger systems’s SIA DACT transmission provides sub-point reporting for complete annunciation and accurate reporting to responders and users. Avenger systems’s reporting approach is superior in that the capability to accurately report dissimilar inputs, such as alarm and supervisory are pesent.

Standard Features

Provides two independently configurable Form C contacts per address
Up tol 27 devices can be used on each SLC loop
Visible Bi-colored LED is software controlled and can be programmed to blink red or green when polled.
Yellow LED indicates a short circuit condition (AS6053 & AS6055 only)
Programming is highly flexible providing 16 priority states plus zoning capability
Operates on Class A or Class B SLC loop